Groove to the beat: DIY drum activity

DIY drum activities for kidsPlaying music is fun, but you don’t need expensive instruments to make music. Using some simple household items, you can make your own instruments and then start grooving and playing together.

DIY Drum Activity


  • Packing tape (clear)
  • Cylinder-shaped object open at top and bottom (cardboard oatmeal cylinders work well, ice cream buckets, or a section of large PVC pipe)
  • Scissors


Remove both ends of the cylinder you plan to use. Be sure to cover any rough or sharp edges with tape. Take the packing tape and make big strips across one of the open ends (run the tape about two or three inches down the side of your drum). Be sure to keep the tape tight across the top as you work. Make an X with every two pieces of tape you use. Keep placing strips of tape until the entire top of your drum is covered with at least two layers of tape.

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DIY Shaker Activity

Shake up your summer with musical fun

mott blog - clv 2015 - musical shaker activity1Musical shakers are a great activity for kids of any age. You can vary the activity based on the ages of the group you are working with!


  • Plastic fillable eggs
  • Rice, dry beans (try different things to experiment with the sound)
  • Tape

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DIY Rain Sticks

A fun and easy musical craft

DIY Rainstick ActivityMusic is a great addition to any day. Young children love to get in on the fun by singing and playing instruments. Here’s an easy-to-make craft project that will keep you and your child singing and dancing all day.


  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Aluminum foil or wax paper
  • Rubber bands or tape
  • Uncooked rice
  • Decoration items of choice!

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Our gift to you: music for relaxation

179694997Music therapy has been a central feature of our cancer center’s Complementary Therapies Program for years. Scientific research shows that music therapy can help reduce anxiety and perceptions of pain, while improving sleep and quality of life.

This holiday season, we want to share the benefits of music therapy. Here is our gift to you – fourteen minutes of relaxing music. Follow this link to download the MP3 file.

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