Water exercise for kids

Kids love the water! Outdoor pools and the beach in the summer, indoor pools in the winter – swimming is year round fun!

In addition to swimming and splashing, there are also lots of ways to incorporate water exercise into pool time.

Watch physical therapist Kendra VanWasshenova demonstrate several great exercises for developing motor skills, coordination and strength in the pool this summer.

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How our grandson battled cancer and paralysis at age 5

“We have our Gabe back” – Debbie and William Belcher

Gabe BelcherThe Pediatric NeuroRehabilitation program at Milestones is celebrating 25 years of service. Bill and Debbie Belcher share how their grandson Gabe’s life changed after a leukemia diagnosis.

Our grandson Gabe was just five years old when two life-altering events suddenly crashed his kindergartner world. First was the diagnosis no family can ever be prepared for when we were told Gabe had acute lymphocytic leukemia (A.L.L.) Then, shortly after starting treatment, complications led to another unimaginable outcome- he became paralyzed.

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Yoga for Kids, Part II

Yoga is great exercise for all ages, but the earlier kids start the earlier they can start enjoying the life-long benefits. Specifically, yoga for kids can help them preserve physical flexibility and develop mind and body wellness lessons that they can carry well into adulthood.

And the best part is, many of the moves we recommend for your kids are great exercise for you to do right alongside them!

So grab your yoga mats and let’s get started.  Watch physical therapist Kendra VanWasshenova and her assistants Michael and Elena demonstrate a kid-friendly yoga workout in the below video.

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Yoga for Kids

yoga for kidsChildren derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. Have you ever noticed how flexible your child is?  Yoga is a fun way to help your child retain his or her flexibility, as well as to help work on strength and muscle coordination.

And the best part is, many of the moves we recommend for your kids are great exercise for you to do right alongside them!

So grab your yoga mats and let’s get started.

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5 things I want kids (and parents) to know about living with a disability

Kelsey Kleimola, Ms. Wheelchair Michigan, and her family.From the minute a child is born, that child’s parents develop dreams for their child. While rocking them to sleep at night, and looking into that perfect little face, a parent dreams of who that child will become, and what he or she might accomplish. An author, a photographer, a doctor.

I’m sure my parents dreamed of these same things, even after I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then, I’ve come a long way. I’ve accomplished so many amazing things, despite my disability. I’ve overcome numerous hurdles, and faced countless challenges. And through it all, I’ve learned some things during this journey.

  • It’s OK to ask questions. It happens more often than you’d think. I’m in a public place, a restaurant or store. A child is with his or her parent, and the inevitable question is asked. “Why is that lady in a wheelchair?” And, more often than not, the parent steers the child away from me, quietly whispering that asking that question isn’t polite, and didn’t I teach you better than that? Personally, I’d rather that child have asked me. How else do we learn? How else do we push past our own assumptions and choose to grow? We seek knowledge. So, ask the question. Learn.

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