Surgeon plays soccer on world stage

Dr. David Machado-Aranda joins physicians in 2015 World Medical Football Championships

There’s a World Cup for soccer-playing physicians, and University of Michigan surgeon Dr. David Machado-Aranda will play defense for the U.S. as 18 countries including Germany, Brazil, Great Britain and Austria compete in the 2015 World Medical Football Championships. Before play begins June 28 in Long Beach, Calif., the Venezuelan-born physician shares what soccer has taught him about the importance of team work – on the pitch and in the operating room.

UPDATE: U.S. team outmatched Venezuela 2-0 to advance to the semifinals on July 3.

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Beyond the birds and the bees: Sex and heart disease

Heart conditions don’t have to end your sex life

CVC birds beesIt’s a question that University of Michigan exercise physiologist Theresa Gracik occasionally hears during cardiac rehabilitation with heart attack survivors, “Is sex okay after a heart attack?”

If patients can do a minimum of exercise, sex is usually safe, she says. Studies show patients wish their doctors would say so, and leading heart organizations recently urged physicians to be ready to counsel patients about sex after a cardiac event.

“Sexuality is a part of who we are, and done privately and respectfully, many patients do want to talk about how that part of their lives may be impacted by heart disease,” says Gracik.

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