Heart of a Hunter: Meet hunter Cleo Seay, heart attack survivor

Enjoying the great outdoors, seven years after a heart attack

Hunting small game like rabbit and quail and bringing in larger hauls of turkey and deer are important memories and adventures for contractor Cleo Seay, 62, of Flint, Mich. Cleo Seay

The desire to be in nature and enjoy the primal rush of the hunt didn’t change after a heart attack in 2006.

“Hunting season is the one time of year I get to see some of my friends,” says Seay. “We’ll eat, lie, hunt, fish. To be honest if we really wanted to kill a deer, we wouldn’t go in such a big group. Hunting deer is a quiet thing.”

Rather than a tent, he spends nights under the stars in his cork-floored Airstream, but it feels just as good to get away from it all with a dozen close friends on private land in Benton Harbor, Mich. Before loading up his gear we asked Cleo to talk about his journey with heart disease. Continue reading

Is second-hand smoke really that dangerous?

Absolutely, says Linda Thomas, manager of the University of Michigan Health System’s Tobacco Consultation Service. Thousands of toxic chemicals are in the smoke that smokers exhale-and it lingers in the air that the rest of us breathe.

To hear more about what you can do to avoid the health effects of second-hand smoke and how you can encourage loved ones to quit, view the videocast above of our conversation with Thomas. Or, if you’d like information about our free smoking cessation program, call 734-998-6222.